For the first eight years of our marriage, [Michelle and I] were paying more in student loans than what we were paying for our mortgage. So we know what this is about.

And we were lucky to land good jobs with a steady income. But we only finished paying off our student loans—check this out, all right, I’m the President of the United States—we only finished paying off our student loans about eight years ago.
President Obama in North Carolina today on why Congress has to act to prevent interest rates on student loans from doubling (via barackobama)

So excited that Avi is joining us at Etsy.


In 140: I’m moving back to Galiano Island and joining Etsy to form a new, distributed team to understand and improve the economics of Etsy shops.

After leaving Twitter at the end of last year, I knew I’d be taking a few months to think, talk, and prototype my way through what I wanted to do…